Kauko is an international, Internet-based teaching method. It is designed to serve companies with employees whose families spend extended periods of time abroad; individual families can also use Kauko services, if required. The web desktop allows school-age children to study in their mother tongue under the supervision of a Finnish teacher. Teaching in Kauko focuses on the Finnish and Swedish languages, as well as on providing a Finnish perspective on the humanities and natural sciences. Theteaching is provided by the Jyväskylä City Department of Educational.

The parents' work periods often occur at a stage when the children's vocabulary and deeper understanding of their mother tongue is under rapid development. At this critical stage, it is very important for the children to keep in touch with the Finnish language under expert guidance. Small groups enable individually customised teaching and provide a regular link to the home country. Mastering their mother tongue will make it easier for the pupils to learn foreign languages and return back to Finland.